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Readings and Intuitive Sessions

Have you met your spirit guides and angels? Would you love to know their names and their gifts?

Each guide offers insights and skills for specific areas of your life. They can also answer some of your most pressing questions.

Dawn Lianna also offers Clarity sessions that bring healing, insight and intuitive answers in a timely, loving guidance and direction.

NLP healing sessions are also available that helps you clear a core issue.

  • “Dawn is a compassionate person who finds her joy in helping others achieve their goals. She helps you to discover hidden resources to transform and clear yourself, doing this with great understanding, precision, and clarity.”

    C. L.
  • “If you are energetically sensitive and you are looking for a practitioner who will understand your uniqueness and sensitivity, give Dawn a call.”

    L. L.
  • “I LOVE your new web site. Just beautiful!!!! So good to read about you and your growth,and experiences. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. It sure has made such a difference in my life to know you. You have been there for me so lovingly so so many times.Thank you from the Bottom of my heart!!”

    Deb Ashlie

Healing Sessions

When Should You Have Long Distance Energy Healing?

  • When you need help clearing yourself or your chakras.
  • When you feel stuck, burned out or over tired.
  • When you want to let go and breakthrough.

…and more reasons that will improve your daily living.

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