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Angel Message - The Mighty Dandelion


Nature is one of your greatest helpers. The tiniest flower growing through the crack in the pavement has worked very hard to brighten your day. It has pushed through the strongest of adversity to get to the surface to find you and show it’s face for a few days.

Enter the mighty dandelion, peeking its head from the sidewalk. Stop to say hello. It is one of the strongest of flowers and the heartiest of plants. It is not afraid of harsh conditions. It will take on cement when it wants to bloom.

Be like the mighty dandelion. We are not [...]

My Wonderful Angel Experience

Dawn’s Wonderful Angel Journey

I laid down on my angel’s back. At first I could hardly believe the extent of her heartbeat. I didn’t really know that angels had a heart, but I guess it’s an energetic one. I could feel it beating. It was as if the angel’s chest was open, and my heart became one with her heart. I just laid there for a while, resting. I was transfixed.

Then I asked my angel to take me for a ride. A feeling of exuberance overcame me. What surprised me the most was the feeling of my chest expanding and contracting as she moved her giant wings? It felt like my physical arms were [...]

An Exercise to Increase Self Trust

Hi everybody,

cd-movie-backwards-300Folks are asking such great questions.  The theme of self- trust continues to arise. It seems that for each of us on the great journey of spiritual awakening, we want to refine our wonderful intuition skills even more.

Here is an easy exercise I created to help you.

An Exercise to Increase Self Trust

1.  Imagine your intuition could roll down your arm into the palm of your right hand. Think of some great experiences you have had with your intuition. Wrap them up right there in your palm and make them into a gift box.  Fill it with great experiences and fill it with [...]

Rewrite Your Birth Story

Hi everyone,

Here is a super great strategy for you to try.  I love this one.

Rewrite Your Birth Story

baby picture optimized

I hope you are aware that your conception womb time and birth are instrumental in determining your core story for your life.  Taking time to  rewrite this story really helps rewrite the foundation for your life.

Find an hour of quiet time for this one. Please read it through. I have included my own. I trust you will lovingly respect it. It is fantasy becoming reality in my own being.

1. Connect with your deepest inner being and do this exercise when you are [...]

Guide Talk - How to Be More Loving!

hearts for angel book_optThis is what my guides had to say about: How to Be More Loving

“Take good care of yourself first. Yes, please put yourself first.

After you have taken care of yourself, reach out to your closest companions. If that is a mate or a family, take care of your mate and your family. Take care of your animals.

Then go back inside. When you are satisfied that you and your family are happy, reach out to your community and your work. Life springs forth in this manner.

When you put your inner world first and yourself on the top of the list, you [...]

Morning Guide Talk - Times of Radical Shifts

Hello everyone,

We want today to remind you of who you really are. There are so many distractions in the world and the world is moving so quickly, it’s like a movie going at a radically fast speed and that can be distracting. The movie tells you that you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, tall or short, thin or fat, happy or sad. But you are not any of those things really. You are love. You are the love inside yourself and you are a unique expression of that love.

Love is your nature and that is your true self. You have all had inklings of remembering the love [...]