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Intuition Quotes


I collect quotes that I love about the intuition. If you have one to share I’d love to hear it and share it.

Here is one I have found myself saying, “The more you trust your intuition the more you trust your intuition, and the more your intuition becomes trustworthy.” Dawn Lianna

And my favorite from Albert Einstein is: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Please share your favorites.

Love Dawn

Basking in Your Goodness


When your life is full, it is essential to carve out time for yourself. Here are some suggestions for easy ways to replenish yourself and bask in your own energy.

1. Go to bed early and get up a ½ hour earlier than the rest of your household to be alone. 2. If you sleep with someone else, sleep alone once in a while. Explain to your partner that you want to rest your aura solo occasionally. You may feel even more refreshed and ready to see your lovely partner the following day. 3. Make the minutes count when you [...]

Describe Your Intuition

Hi everybody,

We have a wonderful Intuition Development Class happening. We recently intuited some words to describe our intuition. Here is a list of those words.

Divine guidance, knowing, truth, light persistent, guide, reliable, angel, loving, wisdom, peace, friend, rock solid, always there, inherent, holy, right, direction, spiritual, sacred, trust, courageous, delicious, healer, beauty, focus, inside you, non-judging, source, healer, healing, self-perpetating, trustworthy, harmony, protective, gift, guidance.

So my question to you is… If it really is what we feel it is, then why not trust it all the time?

(Please read the wonderful comments that people have made on this question in the past)

Boundary Lessons from Sabbatical

Hi everyone,


I started my sabbatical from intuition session work. The lessons have been many and I’m so surprised at some of the letters I have received. Among many letters of support and encouragement, I have a plethora of freaked out people, writing to me.

You Have Your Own Center

The clients that are scared are asking things like, “What will I do if I need a session next year?” or “Dawn, I have an emergency and I’m not going to be able to make it without you.” (Yes I have great referrals).

I honor that I’ve built long standing relationships with some of these [...]

Happy Spiritual Halloween

Hi everyone,


I’ve been watching tonight as the little spooks and goblins come and go from my door extracting candy like wildfire from my big wooden bowl. If I drop a couple of choicer pieces like long lollypops on top, they grab those first and pretend quickly they didn’t take them all! They know this one time they can get away with it! One little boy loaded up both hands and then counted to 5 while doing slight of hand with one in his palm and taking another saying proudly Six. I winked and said what’s in your hand? He skirted me and said, “I’m six [...]

Mt Shasta Retreat and Telos


Wow! Getting ready for the Mt. Shasta Retreat this weekend. It filled before I even got it posted to the website. I hope you heard about it through the mailing list. It’s been a myriad of lessons and so far they’ve all been fun. That’s the big miracle.

Laura Skinner and I (co-hosting) are sometimes the whoo-whoo queens, but we both also happen to be virgos. We are grounded and working so well together it’s amazing. So far we’ve shared all the tasks lovingly, gathered food for 22 people for 3 days, created and gathered supplies for an amazing art project, negotiated with vendors for gluten [...]