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Your Intuition is a Best Friend

Your Intuition Is Loyal Believable Resource

cd-movie-backwards-300 Hi everybody,

My intuition development group came up with some words they feel accurately describes our intuition. We did an exercise where we imagined intuition as a beautiful being sitting on a chair in the center of the room. We then intuited some words that we felt described this energy to us. We simply round robined the words out loud around the circle as we felt them and I wrote them down to share with you.

I wanted to share the list with you because I think it is powerful. If you feel inclined you can add some words of your [...]

The Keys To Listening To Your Soul

And Hearing Your Soul Speak

Hi everybody,lotus-200

It is really wonderful to be able to clearly hear your inner voice. There are some secrets to doing this. They are keys that may seem obvious and easy when you hear them, and yet they are the essentials to being in tune.

The Keys to Listening to Your Soul

1. First and foremost, you must quiet your mind. Sounds simple and easy, and yet during the course of a day, as we get busy, the mind gets going. The mind will tell you all kinds of things and direct you in all kinds of directions. The mind is seldom [...]

Intuition Periscope

How to Connect to Your Psychic Periscope! Very Fun!

PeriscopeHi Everybody,

As you know a periscope is an object that we look through that provides a view of something from all sides, a 360 degree view. When you create one in your mind’s eye or with your imagination, and look through it intuitively, you get a bird’s eye view of any situation. You can use this technique to check out traffic, a geographical region, a school, your home, a business or any situation in your life. Here’s how!

1. Relax, breathe and drift inside into a soft relaxed state.

2. Imagine you are sitting in the sun. [...]

How to Clear Trauma


Sadly, we have each had different experiences in our lives that have traumatized us and that have been hard to clear. I don’t have a full-blown magic wand but I do have some techniques that I find effective and work better than others. One of my favorites is the Movie Backwards Technique.

How It Works:

When we review the events of our lives, we review them in chronological order from beginning to end. That is natural. We think of things from the start to the finish. That is how we are wired.

This technique takes advantage of this wiring and invites you to set [...]

How to Be Your Own Best Intuitive

• Understand how your intuition works Your intuition is an amazing tool. It’s right there inside you 24-7. Not everyone listens to it, but once you know it’s true value and how it works, you will crave to hear it with all your might. • Get present and grounded What the heck will presence do for you and your good intuition? Intuition doesn’t come from the land of daydreams, though you might catch it during one, it comes from presence because it comes from within. The more present you are, the more likely you are to catch its delicious, juicy clues. [...]

Use Your Intuition in Fight or Flight

Hi Everybody,

fire pit

Sometimes a conversation escalates into an argument even when you have done your best to keep rapport. At that point the fight-or-flight mechanism kicks in. Fight is the mechanism that makes a person want to keep talking, to bring the communication to completion. Flight is the mechanism that makes a person want to run, avoiding a situation, fleeing the danger zone.