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Emotional Freedom Technique and Intuition

How to Use The Emotional Freedom Technique to Boost Your Intuition

A technique that works very well to help us clear our emotional body is EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique.  This technique has become quite popular and there is a lot of information about it online. It is a tapping technique created by Roger Callahan and is one of the quicker and easier ways to clear out past emotional residue.  By tapping on certain trigger points on the body, you release the energy stored in the meridians and help the emotional residue to release and your body to heal. EFT can also be used to […]

Experience The Foreground and Background of Your Intuition

Experience The Foreground and Background of Your Intuition

In each experience in our lives, certain aspects of our experience are in the foreground of our conscious awareness, and get the focus of our attention. Other parts of our experience are there, yet remain in the background. Look at the photograph of the people in the bleachers. Notice the colors of their clothing, that they are sitting down etc.  Many things may come into your awareness.

Now shift the focus of your attention to the background of the picture.  Look at the things you didn’t see before.  Look past the people, to the location.  Notice the backdrop behind […]

What are Master Level Guides?

What are Spirit Guides?

Guides are friends and helpers in the spirit world. They are members of our soul family who are not incarnating right now. Master level guides are beings that travel with us, love us deeply and have our best interests at heart. Most of us appear to have at least two or three main guides.

A master level guide is wise and loving. They are warm, compassionate and understanding. Your guides are here with you 24-7. You can call on them anytime.

Guides communicate with you in the same way your intuition does by using your inner senses. All of the tools I taught you so far will work to help you […]

How do Guides and Angels Communicate?

Article:  How do Guides and Angels Communicate?

Your guides and angels use your intuition to talk to you. They use your inner pictures, feelings, sounds, tastes and smells to communicate as well as your inner knowing.  You receive these messages telepathically, which is thought form transmission and through the inner side of your five senses.  That means your intuition is very body focused and uses your body to talk to you.  So do your guides.

Your spirit guides and angels can also speak to you through the newspaper, a bulletin board, the internet, a stone, a tree, an animal, bird, a friend a stranger or an intuitive reader.  They can also communicate to you through […]

Angel Message - The Mighty Dandelion


Nature is one of your greatest helpers. The tiniest flower growing through the crack in the pavement has worked very hard to brighten your day. It has pushed through the strongest of adversity to get to the surface to find you and show it’s face for a few days.

Enter the mighty dandelion, peeking its head from the sidewalk. Stop to say hello. It is one of the strongest of flowers and the heartiest of plants. It is not afraid of harsh conditions. It will take on cement when it wants to bloom.

Be like the mighty dandelion. We are not […]

My Wonderful Angel Experience

Dawn’s Wonderful Angel Journey

I laid down on my angel’s back. At first I could hardly believe the extent of her heartbeat. I didn’t really know that angels had a heart, but I guess it’s an energetic one. I could feel it beating. It was as if the angel’s chest was open, and my heart became one with her heart. I just laid there for a while, resting. I was transfixed.

Then I asked my angel to take me for a ride. A feeling of exuberance overcame me. What surprised me the most was the feeling of my chest expanding and contracting as she moved her giant wings? It felt like my physical arms were […]